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Hi, I'm Madison. I am a girl who blogs about books and tries to read as many as her schedule will allow her to.

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Behold the Pretty Books!

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April Book Photo Challenge
Day 12 - Fiction v. Nonfiction

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle;
it’s our Planet to share,
grow and nurture for our future.
Happy Earth Day!
Respect to Mother Nature and ALL beings.

Okay guys, here’s the big news! 
See this journal right here? This journal is going with me to BookCon in May to be autographed by the amazing authors who will be there (I’ll add which authors will be signing once it gets posted on thebookcon.com).
Now here’s the cool part for you guys: for every single person who reblogs this, I will write his or her url down in the journal, and at BookCon if I happen upon any other tumblr book bloggers those urls will go in the journal too. If you want your url written in any fancy way or with your name next to it or something cool like that, just send me a message and I’ll be happy to oblige!
Not only this, but once everything is said and done, I may be able to send this journal to one lucky reblogger of this post! Note that this is only a possibility, but how cool would that be?! 
This is going to be such a cool souvenir guys and let me remind you that every single person who reblogs this gets his or her name written down. Every single one.So go ahead and reblog, and may the odds of your possible winning be ever in your favor!

This is so super cool! I wanna be apart of this.

by Sean Yeh


Book photo challenge day 4: 1990s

Harry Potter & the Philosopher’s Stone - J.K. Rowling, in both Dutch and English. I read the first book in Dutch around 1998/1999. I didn’t read the English version until I was 18 I think, but it was still published in the 1990s!